About Mumbai Kendra

Yogoda Satsanga Society of India (YSS) was founded by Sri Sri Paramahansa Yogananda in 1917. The mission of YSS is to make available to all the ancient scientific teachings, and meditation techniques of Kriya Yoga for achieving all-round success, well-being, and a direct personal experience of God. YSS has more than 200 centers across India to help all Truth-seekers to experience the power of group meditations and to share in spiritual fellowship. A YSS meditation center was started in Mumbai by a small group of devotees in the early 1960s. Former president and Sanghamataji of YSS, Sri Sri Daya Mataji was welcomed in Mumbai by this little gathering of sincere devoted seekers. Following Daya Mataji’s visit, this inspired group gained strength and established it’s working quarters from the home of a devotee, Sri Kulamani Rath. It started as a small Dhyana Mandali, at the residence of Sri Rath, the then Asst. Commissioner of Income Tax, at 5, Sujata, Ghodbunder Road (now known as Sw. Vivekananda Road) in 1962 and continued there till 1967. Thereafter, it shifted to the residence of Mr. Vanraj Shethia.  As the number of devotees grew, an office was purchased in Tardeo area of Mumbai in 2001.  But the search was on for a property that would provide devotees with a place to gather for meditations as well as to provide them access to all YSS publication material.

Finally in May 2005 Mr. Ramesh Bhatt and few other devotees of Mumbai Kendra were able acquire a centrally located property in Wadala area of Mumbai, from where all local trains and buses are easily accessible.

Although the purchased property was in a dilapitated condition, it was transformed into a beautiful structure, through the grace of the Guru, and the instrumentality of dedicated and large hearted devotees of Mumbai.

Revered Swami Smaranananda Giri dedicated the Dhyana Mandir  on May 10, 2005.  On this occasion a message from Sri Sri Daya Mataji was read out in which she said :  “I cannot tell you, my dears, how much it thrills me whenever I hear that a new Dhyana Mandir is being dedicated to our Gurus. Our Gurudeva predicted that this dispensation would spread all over the world; and every time a new Mandir is built, or a new meditation group is formed, I recall those words with great joy.  May God and Gurudeva bless you all.”

The Kendra today provides a haven for all Truth-seekers who are walking that path which leads to the Divine.  Today the Mumbai Kendra has grown from strength to strength with an ever-enlarging devotee force serving and attending the regular meditations conducted therein.

All Commemorative functions are held on the temple premises. Mumbai Kendra has affiliated sub-centers in devotees’ homes, where group meditations are being held on different days of the week.

The temple is open to devotees wishing to avail of individual meditations. The office primarily attends to sale of YSS publications, acceptance of Yogoda Satsanga Lesson and Magazine Subscriptions, donations, and addressing inquiries related to YSS activities and other office work.

A prayer box is placed on altars on ground and first floor and Kendra sevaks set aside a time each day to pray for all who have made prayer requests.

Despite the demands placed on the urban Mumbaikar’s time, devotees find themselves unwittingly magnetically drawn to the tangible living presence of the Guru in the Temple.  As one devotee aptly said: “Nothing can keep me away.  When I enter the temple I am immediately transported to a ‘land beyond my dreams’.”

Visiting Hours

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