PYS Igatpuri: Sharanaagati - Yogoda Satsanga Graduate Kriyaban Intensive Retreat

Sharanaagati Retreat

We are happy to invite you to "Sharanaagati", a ten days' retreat program especially designed for Yogoda Satsanga Graduate* Kriyabans (*those who have completed the 182 Yogoda Satsanga Lessons course and are Kriyabans). 

"Sharanaagati" means complete surrender, taking shelter/refuge at the feet of God/Guru. During this retreat, we have the opportunity to surrender ourselves completely, with unwavering faith, to our Guru and his sadhana; to let go and let Guru take over our spiritual lives completely.

In one of his pravachans, during his recent visit to India, our YSS/SRF President, Revered Swami Chidananda Giri, emphasized three important points in the sadhak's (spiritual aspirant's) life: sadhana, satsanga and darshan. These three: sadhana, satsanga and darshan impact the sadhak's interior life at a much deeper level. It is the result of reading, following and practicing Gurudeva's precepts.

The Yogoda Satsanga Lessons are our Pujya Gurudeva's priceless precepts. Through these, each Yogoda Satsanga sadhak has the opportunity to practice Guru-given sadhana; by sadhana, experience satsanga with the higher Self and through satsanga experience darshan of the Infinite within.

All Yogoda Satsanga Graduate Kriyabans, who wish to spend time in experiencing the joy of sadhana, satsanga and darshan, are welcome to register and participate in this ten days' "Sharanaagati" retreat. Come, in a spirit of surrender, at the Guru's sacred feet, and receive his darshan, his unceasing grace and blessings!

Our focus during this retreat will be on perfecting and deepening our practice of Guru-given meditation techniques and reading his Lessons, his written instructions and guidance. The ten days' program will be an intense one. It will include long periods devoted to sadhana, satsanga and darshan each day....meditation, chanting, reading, and being in the constant company of the Guru.... to celebrate Gurudeva's 125th birth anniversary.

Program Details

Retreat Dates: 11 a.m. on Friday, January 26, 2018 - 2 p.m. on Sunday, February 4, 2018.

(It is recommended that participants plan to arrive on January 25th, one day prior, if possible).

Eligibility: Those who have completed the 182 Yogoda Satsanga Lessons course and are Kriyabans


Registration Procedure

If you wish to participate in this retreat, please register:

1. By filling the online form


2. Via email (


3. Calling the Sadhanalaya office on the following numbers: +919823459145 or +919226618554 (All days except Mondays, 9 a.m. - 5 p.m.)

Please provide us with the following details in order to enable us to register you:

  • Name:
  • Yogoda Lesson Registration No.:
  • Age:
  • Gender:
  • Address:
  • Contact No.:
  • Date and Time of Arrival and Departure:

We request you to await our confirmation email before finalizing your travel plans. Our confirmation email will be sent out, to all those who have registered​ and are selected​, latest by December 5th, 2017.

Our retreat facility is available on a donation basis. Your donation is the only source of income for the Sadhanalaya. We appeal to you to please donate accordingly.

You may track information on our monthly conducted retreat programmes on the Yogoda Satsanga Dhyana Kendra - Mumbai Website: ​​

Our beloved Gurudeva, Sri Sri Paramahansa Yoganandaji has counselled:

"The tiger of death is after you, and you must reach Home. If you value your souls, you will make the effort. Study the Yogoda Satsanga Lessons, practice the techniques, meditate deeply; and if you sincerely persist for seven years with intense concentration, you will have such spiritual satisfaction in your life that you will never forsake or forget this path.

"So don't wait. I come only to tell you of that joy. And I ask nothing of you but that you tune in with me, so that I may give you that joy which is in me even as I talk - that joy of God".

May we feel the overwhelming joy of Gurudeva's response as we strive to follow his precepts.